Saturday, November 8, 2008

"...a thousand beguiling caresses of Nanny State sirens."

"...America might as well apply for honorary membership in the European Union. It will be a nation at odds with the spirit of its founding, and embarking on decline from which there are few escape routes. In 2012, the least we deserve is a choice between the collectivist assumptions of the Democrats, and a candidate who stands for individual liberty – for economic dynamism not the sclerotic "managed capitalism" of Germany..."
-Mark Steyn (Right on the mark as always)

Total Federal Spending, in Billions,1965–2008

(Click on the graph to see the whole, sad truth)
....We keep thinking it's important to elect Republicans hoping they will reduce the size and influence of the federal government. Does it really make a difference which party we elect? How can you look at this graph from The Heritage Foundation and make an argument that Republicans have represented and currently represent Conservatives? It seems to me the choice is between the "Tax & Spend" Party vs. the "Spend" party. Not much of a choice, is it?