Sunday, January 18, 2009

Conservative economists support stimulus proposal

Really???  Most conservative economists support the Keynesian myth that meant spending can get a country out of a recession/depression?  Most conservative economists think tax cuts do less to help an economy than government spending?  Really?????

Either conservative economists really do believe in this nonsense, or don't believe in free-market lassie fare economics enough to defend their position.  Maybe they deep done think all the lefty professors they had, and all their lefty colleagues just might be right.  

So they have taken the position seeming to agree with the stimulus package(the ultimate worthless pork plan ever), or they are not speaking up.

Either all these articles about conservative support for HUGE government spending are flat out wrong, or conservative economists are so spineless that they have just kept their mouth shut.  

Shouldn't they be screaming on the top of tall buildings?  Shouldn't they be ridiculing their lefty colleagues for supporting an idea that has never worked anywhere on planet earth?

Why doesn't every third world country just spend their way out?  It's working quite well for Zimbabwe!  

I guess socialism always works.  Has always worked. I guess free market capitalism never works.  Has never worked.  

I guess we got out of the Great Depression because of Roosevelt’s huge government spending and planning.

It's time conservatives stick up or shut up regarding their core beliefs.  Either we truly do believe in our principles, or we don't.  If we do, more needs to be done.   More needs to be said. 

If we don't, why exactly are we Conservatives???????

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